DSTCTM is an international course created by IATSIC (International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care) to improve the outcome of trauma patients with multiple injuries.


DSTCTM Denmark is a non-profit organisation placed under the Danish Surgical Society.

DSATC course


DSTCTM is a response to the lack of written material and teaching on strategic issues of resuscitation, early definitive care, and surgical priorities. It assumes all of the ATLSĀ® principles and builds on them.


Trauma care is more than surgery and In 2010 the DSTCTM course in Denmark added an "A" and became DSATC "Definitive Surgery and Anesthesia in Trauma Care"

"Sharing the surgical, anaesthesiological and

intensivist content, trauma care is taken to the next level."

During the course anesthetists and surgeons work together as real trauma teams and the curriculum are of high interest for both specialities.



DSATC Denmark

4-6/2 2019

Lectures and practical skills lab combined with real trauma team training.


Faculty of both international and national experienced surgeons and anesthetists


All surgical specialities dealing with major trauma can benefit of the course . .